Police nab man for attempted robbery at mall

The Westfield Trumbull Mall is closing Saturday, Jan. 23.
The Westfield Trumbull Mall is closing Saturday, Jan. 23.

A scared employee was enough to dissuade an armed robber to not steal from a jewelry store at Westfield Trumbull Mall back on April 20.

Shelton police said that Christopher Alston, 28, of Waterbury was arrested on May 31 while trying to reconnaissance a Walmart in their town and admitted to the attempted robbery that took place a month earlier at Icing.

According to a report, Alston entered the fashion accessory store around 6 p.m. before approaching a female employee at the cash register.

The witness told police that the suspect had lifted up his blue-hooded sweatshirt to show her the butt of a gun that was being held in his waistband.

The report said that Alston told the 25-year-old employee to open the register, and that’s when she panicked and began to cry.

According to the report, Alston insisted on calming the rattled female worker by telling her he wasn’t going to hurt her before he left the store.

Trumbull police obtained a warrant for Alston on May 31 after he confessed to Shelton police about committing the attempted robbery, as well as another robbery at a Walmart in Derby that same day.

He was subsequently picked up by Shelton police again on Tuesday, June 14, and the warrant was served. He was transported to Trumbull police headquarters, where he told police that he was carrying a BB gun — not an actual firearm — when he tried to steal from the register at Icing.

Early reports suggested that the store was robbed and that Alston, who was described initially by Trumbull police as 30-year-old African American male, might have had a gun.  

According to a press release back in April, the man entered the store wearing a blue sweatshirt and sunglasses and “approached an employee and raised the waist area of his sweatshirt revealing what the employee described as possibly a gun in a holster.”

Trumbull Police Lt. Leonard Scinto said the incident was reported as an armed robbery but he had “no confirmation” that the suspect did in fact have a gun.

On June 14, Alston was charged with breach of peace in the second degree and and criminal attempt to robbery in the first degree.

He was released on a $5,000 warrant and was set to appear in court Tuesday, June 21.