Police log: Injured driver evades accident and K9 sniffs out shoplifter

Trumbull police are investigating a burglary that took place after midnight at the Mobil Service Center on White Plains Road.
Trumbull police are investigating a burglary that took place after midnight at the Mobil Service Center on White Plains Road.

The Trumbull Police Department made the following arrests between Tuesday, March 22 and Monday, March 28:

Injured driver leads to interference charge

An Ansonia woman was arrested for interfering with the duties of a police officer at Trumbull police headquarters at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 27.

Police said Nancy Crespo, 40, was arrested when she refused to give information about an accident involving her car earlier that day.  

According to reports, police received a call about a suspicious car parked on Brian Drive. The caller said a 2008 BMW was sitting outside his residence at 7:30 a.m.

The caller observed severe damage along the passenger side of the vehicle and told police dispatch that the male driver had an obvious head injury.

When approach by the homeowner, the driver said he had fallen asleep while driving from Milford to Ansonia and that someone was coming to pick him up.

The report added the male driver was picked up and fled the scene, leaving the damaged car on Brian Drive.

Trumbull police did not disclose the driver’s identity as of press time Wednesday, but said there was a warrant out for his arrest for evading the scene of an accident.

Police said that officers arrived at the scene and observed blood on the vehicle’s windshield.

After further investigation they contacted Crespo, the registered owner of the car.

At police headquarters, Crespo was very evasive when answering questions, the report said, before she was finally arrested.

While detained, she told Trumbull police that her friend was driving her home in her car and hit a guardrail on the Merritt Parkway. She claimed neither herself or the vehicle’s driver were injured in the collision and that they left the car on Brian Drive to be picked up later because it had a flat tire.

During her interrogation, Crespo refused to identify the driver, but police say they found a credit card belonging to the man, which allowed them to draw up the warrant for evading.

Crespo was processed and released on a $1,000 bond.

Police dog sniffs out mall shoplifter

A Bridgeport man was arrested for sixth-degree larceny and second-degree breach of peace at Target inside the Hawley Lane Mall around 1:50 p.m. Tuesday, March 22.

Police said Henry Velazquez, 47, was arrested after taking a Boost Mobile phone valued at $80 and trying to leave the store.

Store security tried to stop him as he was leaving, but Velazquez caused a scene, resisting restraint and yelling at the officers before ultimately running out of the store.

Target security lost sight of him but he was later found by a Trumbull K-9 unit in the Big Y parking lot.

He was taken into custody and held on a $1,500 bond.

Stolen sunglasses, scarf

A Bridgeport woman was arrested for larceny in the sixth degree at JC Penney in the Westfield Trumbull mall at 3:50 p.m Saturday, March 26.

Police said Elizabeth Fernandez, 43, was spotted walking around with a new pair of sunglasses from the store on her head while carrying a pink scarf.

According to a report, she entered into the women’s area of the store, where she took off the price tag and put the scarf around her neck.

Fernandez then went into the shoe area, where she picked up a pair of shoes, at which point she noticed she was being watched by security.

The report said she dropped the shoes on the floor and exited the store but still had the sunglasses and scarf in her possession.

Mall security then stopped her and brought her back to the loss prevention office.

Police estimated she stole $198 worth of merchandise from JC Penney.

While she was being questioned, police also found stolen goods in her possession from Macy’s, Claire’s and Victoria’s Secret.

The report added that none of the stores wanted to press charges.

She was held on a $500 bond and was served four warrants from other towns for failing to appear in court.