Police cadets build skills, bring home awards

The Trumbull Police Cadets recently returned from a one-week journey to the Cadet Police Academy in West Hartford. The event, which was held at the University of Hartford from July 26 to Aug. 1, is a week-long team building program that challenges the cadets physically, academically and emotionally.
Trumbull Police Lt. Leonard Scinto said cadets gain experience and knowledge in different aspects of law enforcement through their participation in the academy. He added that they also partake in physical training and drill and ceremony exercises.
“The cadet police academy is designed to emphasize the importance of teamwork and perseverance, while emphasizing self-respect and the respect of others,” Lt. Scinto said in a release. “Because of its intensive and demanding nature, graduates of all phases in the academy depart with a sense of pride, self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.”
The following cadets all graduated from their perspective programs and will move forward in 2016:
• Basic Program — Briana Costantini (winner of marching drill competition), Oliver Peters, Ezgi Erken, and Nathan Turner
• Advanced Program — Joseph Tivadar, Emma Gorton (third place in crime scene investigations competition), Elizabeth Stegeman (first place in female agility competition)
• Practical Skills Program — Ian Maloney (squad leader), Christina Garrity (third place best overall female), Tyler McCarthy
• Cadet Police Department — Jenna Racz, Alli Bachman, Emily Grilley
• Career Development — Andres Ramos, Andres Ruiz, Ryan Gorton
Other highlights
All of the basic program cadets had a cumulative academic score that earned them first place.
Jenna Racz achieved the rank of chief in the Cadet Police Academy, overseeing the entire operation during the week.
Sgt. Gabe Meszarios of the Bridgeport Police Department is the academy director for the 2015 and 2016 sessions. Officer Timothy Fedor of the Trumbull Police Department is the assistant academy director working closely with Sgt. Meszarios. They attend monthly meetings throughout the year to plan the week long academy and to ensure its success.   
For more information about the Trumbull Police Cadet program and information on how to join the program, visit www.trumbullpolicecadets.com or contact Officer Tim Fedor at the Trumbull Police Department, 203-261-3665.