Police bust alleged drug factory

A Trumbull man has been arrested on drug and gun charges after police allegedly discovered a drug factory in the basement of a Doe Hollow Drive home December 13.

Police searched the home in connection with another case, using two specialized police dogs, one drug-sniffing dog and another that is trained to detect explosives.

Police found an unregistered handgun in a safe in the house, along with about $1,000 cash that the suspect, Christopher Ronnow, 20, allegedly tried to hide in the sofa.

In the basement police discovered three marijuana plants growing under lamps, plus bags of fertilizer and a charcoal-equipped ventilation system.

Ronnow was charged with illegally cultivating marijuana, use of drug paraphernalia, operating a drug factory, possession of more than ½ ounce of cannabis and criminal possession of a pistol. Bond was $5,000 for court December 22.