Police: Teen crashed into house, took nap nearby

A 19 year-old allegedly crashed his car into a house and left the scene, before getting arrested for driving under the influence early Saturday morning.

Liam O’Sullivan, 19 of Milford was found sleeping in a running car on Great Brook Road around 6:30 a.m. Aug. 2. Police woke O’Sullivan up and also noticed there was damage to the front of his car. Police said he was confused about where he was when interviewed.

He was checked by EMS before being arrested and brought back to headquarters. Breath tests revealed his blood alcohol content was .0984 and later .0953, according to police.

Later, police received call from a resident on White Tail Lane, who noticed there was damage to the front of his home. Police arrived at the scene and found the bumper and license plate belonging to O’Sullivan’s car. There was no serious structural damage to the home, though the collision had knocked down bricks on the front of the home.

O’Sullivan was charged with DUI, evading responsibility, operating an unregistered motor vehicle and driving with no insurance.