Police: Suspects entered Trumbull home, stole purse, fled in stolen SUV

Police are looking for three young male suspects who allegedly stole an SUV, and later entered a resident’s home to steal her purse and several credit cards.

According to police, the suspects entered the Garden Street home via an unlocked door about 7 a.m. April 4, and left with the resident’s handbag. Her credit cards were later used to make purchases at several stores in Stratford and Farmington.

The resident heard the side door of her home open and close, and thought it was a family member. But when she went to see who it was, she saw a sedan and an SUV driving away. A short time later she began to receive notifications from her credit card company that one of her cards had been used several times. She then checked her house and realized her purse was gone.

Trumbull police later retrieved video surveillance from several businesses showing the three suspects using the woman’s card. The three were also seen leaving the store in the same SUV and sedan that the woman had described to police.

Police later determined the SUV had been stolen from a driveway in Easton earlier that morning, where it had been left unlocked with the keys inside.

There have been numerous overnight burglaries and thefts of vehicles throughout the

state recently and this burglary appears to be linked to similar incidents where the suspects travel to a neighborhood and take advantage of unlocked cars and keys left inside.

Police said residents should not leave keys in parked vehicles, and should make sure to lock their homes and vehicles, and to report any suspicious persons or activities the

Trumbull Police Department at 203-261-3665, or call 911 if they believe they are a crime victim or witness.