Police: Suspects distracted jewelry store staff, stole rings

Police are looking for four suspects who they say orchestrated a “distraction theft” to steal five rings from a jewelry store at Westfield Trumbull mall.

The jewelry was stolen from Zales last Saturday, July 26 around 5:30 p.m.

“The first and second subjects entered the store and asked to see diamond solitaires,” Trumbull Police said Thursday. “Shortly after, the third and fourth subjects entered the store. After browsing briefly, the fourth subject acted as a lookout while the third subject reached into the open showcase and removed five rings.

“Shortly after, the third and fourth subjects exited the store,” according to police. “The first and second subjects also exited the store soon after the theft. The rings were determined to be missing after all subjects had left the store.”

The first subject is described as an African American male, mid-30’s, 215 pounds, average build, short, dark hard with a white t-shirt, green shorts and black sneakers.

The second subject, with him was an African American female, mid-30’s, 5’5, 185 pounds with dark hair pulled into a bun. She was wearing a black and pink or red blouse with a flower pattern.

The second couple is described as an African American male and African American female. The male appears to be mid-30’s, 6’9, 220 pounds, average build. He was wearing a dark-colored t-shirt with a large logo on the fonrt, jeans, a black baseball cap with a logo and black shoes.

The female is described as mid-30’s, 5’8, 190 pounds, average build with long dark hair, a dark blouse, dark jeans and black shows.

The Police Department is asking for help in identifying the suspects. Please call Trumbull Police at 203-261-3665 with any information.