Police: Storm grates disappearing around town — again

Storm grates are being stolen around town, according to police, leaving drains dangerously exposed.

Grates have been reported stolen in the eastern part of town, in the Nichols and Trumbull Center area, according to Lt. Leonard Scinto.

Trumbull Police said Monday that the stolen grates can lead to serious risk of injury to motorists, pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists, as well as property damage.

“These hazards become more significant at night or in low light conditions,” police said. “The thefts are currently being investigated by the Trumbull Police in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies.”

In January, the Highway Department and Police warned residents of similar thefts. At the time, 19 catch basin grates were reported stolen.

The majority of the thefts are happening overnight.

Residents are asked to be on alert for suspicious behavior and to call police immediately if they find an open drain.

In January, the Highway Department said each grate costs about $185.