Police Log: Impersonation, threats from Tinder, and stealing from Home Depot

The Trumbull Police Department made the following arrests between Tuesday, Aug. 11 and Monday, Aug. 17:
Criminal impersonation
A Bridgeport woman was arrested for criminal impersonation in the first degree, forgery in the third degree, operating a vehicle without a license, operating an unregistered vehicle, and interference with an officer on Main Streeet at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 12.
Police said Tanea Renee Shepard, 27, was stopped near the intersection of Route 15 and Main Street when the vehicle she was driving did not come up in the system.
According to a report, the officer who pulled over Shepard asked for her license and registration. She replied that she didn’t have them before giving the officer the date of birth and address of her cousin.
Trumbull police said that the cousin found out that her cousin had used her identity when she was charged for originally operating a vehicle without a license and operating an unregistered vehicle.
The cousin came into police headquarters to report Shepard’s impersonation, and after calling the suspect, police said she admitted to committing the offense.
She was charged with forgery because she had signed the original ticket with her cousin’s name, and not her own.
Shepard was processed and released with a promise to appear in court on Wednesday, Aug. 26.
Stealing from Home Depot
A Bridgeport woman turned herself in on an outstanding warrant for one count of larceny in the fifth degree and three counts of larceny in the sixth degree at the Trumbull Police Department at 1:05 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11.
Police said Tatiana Olivo, 20, was a cashier at Home Depot in the Hawley Lane Mall when she began to take part in a scheme that resulted in more than $1,650 in lost items.
According to police, Olivo was arrested back in June for larceny when she was caught checking out a male customer at the register but only charging him for one or two items in a cart full of store merchandise.
Reviewing the store’s video over the previous three months, police found that Olivo had committed the crime several times, including May 31, when she helped a man get away with a total of $871 worth of items on two separate occasions that day.
Police filed a warrant for her arrest after reviewing the footage.
According to a report, the fifth degree charge stemmed from a specific incident when $573 worth of goods were stolen at the same time. The rest of the thefts were less than $500, thus were sixth degree larceny charges.
She was processed and released with a promise to appear in court Tuesday, Aug. 25.
Harassment from Tinder
A Milford man was arrested for breach of peace in the second degree and threatening in the second degree at the Trumbull Police Department at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11
Police said Christopher Ream, 42, threatened an employee at Tashua Knolls Golf Course on May 29 after the male worker had contacted a female Ream believed to be his girlfriend on the mobile dating app, Tinder, earlier that month.
According to a report, Ream arrived at the golf course and asked to see the victim, who was out on the greens that day.
Ream was driven by another employee out on the course where he bragged about having been to prison before, police said.
When he made contact with the victim, Ream threatened him and said he’d bring a gun back to the course if the employee continued to make contact with the female.
Despite the threats, which included a reference to sending the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club after the victim if he continued to make contact, there was no physical altercation, a report said.
The victim called police to report the threats, and the Milford Police Department arrested Ream on an outstanding warrant for breach of peace and threatening.
He was brought to Trumbull police headquarters where he was held on a $10,000 bond before being brought to court Wednesday, Aug. 12.