A Horseshoe Drive man was arrested for threatening in the second degree, criminal mischief in the fourth degree, interfering with an emergency call, and disorderly conduct at his home around 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 5.

Police said Sherwood Taylor, 48, woke his wife up around 8 a.m. that morning and asked to borrow her car so he could go buy cigarettes.

According to a report, Taylor and his wife sleep in different bedrooms at the home and his license is suspended. His wife told him that she wanted to sleep a bit longer, police said, and then she would drive him.

He demanded the keys to the vehicle and she rejected his request, which prompted him to threaten to slash the tires on the car. The report added that he went outside and she followed him to check on the status of the car, attempting to call 911 about the initial threat.

Police said while outside Taylor grabbed his wife, cancelled her call to the police, and dragged her back inside the house.

The wife told police that while inside the home Taylor accused her of cheating on him and when she broke free from him she ran upstairs, where he followed her and punched a hole in her bedroom door as she attempted to dial Trumbull dispatch again.

After breaking through the door, Taylor appeared in the bedroom holding a knife and threatened to kill her, police said.

The report added that the wife eventually got out of the room and made it outside of the house again, where she was finally able to complete her call before escaping the scene and finding refuge at a neighbor’s home.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested Taylor.

The Trumbull husband told the officers that he had originally gone out to the car to find change for cigarettes — not to slash the tires — and that while he was outside, his wife locked him out. The husband denied punching and breaking through the bedroom door and said he got into the home through an open back door. He told police that when his wife went upstairs, after locking the front door, he saw her phone on the kitchen counter and read one of her text messages that said “I’m going to kill him.” He said that triggered him to go upstairs and push her door open.

Police said that there was a hole in the door when they arrived at the scene, proving Taylor’s testimony about pushing it false.

Looking through the wife’s phone, Trumbull police did not find any threatening text messages about her husband.

Taylor was brought to police headquarters where he was held on a $25,000 bond. He appeared in court Wednesday, July 6.