Police — 'Good Samaritans' kicked, bitten while assisting theft victim

Two men attempting to aid a crime victim were assaulted and bitten at Westfield mall, according to police. The men were trying to chase down a pair of alleged purse snatchers. The suspects, who may be responsible for a series of similar incidents, got away.

According to reports, a woman was sitting at Panera Bread when she felt someone move her purse, which was hanging on the back of her chair. The woman turned and saw that her purse had been unzipped and her wallet was open.

When she confronted two women who were sitting behind her, they fled out into the parking lot. The victim ran after them, yelling for help, which prompted two men to join the chase. When the men tried to detain the two suspects, they became violent, kicking one man and biting the other before they were able to get into a car and drive off, nearly striking several vehicles and bystanders.

One man was able to pull a bag away from one of the suspects. Police said the bag contained several items that had been stolen from the woman at Panera, and some other items that had been reported stolen from a woman’s purse at a Westport business.

Police have obtained some information about the suspects in the two thefts, and also believe the pair is responsible for other similar incidents in the area.