Police Chief: Don’t be a victim of preventable crime

Many towns in the region are experiencing early morning thefts from cars and trucks parked in residential neighborhoods. For this reason, it is important to remind all residents to lock their vehicles when parking them at any location at any time of the day. In many of these cases, cars and trucks were not only left unlocked but valuables remained behind.

When someone enters an unlocked vehicle there is very little noise that may alert someone of the crime. Many times officers are called to homes of victims in the morning when residents were about to leave, only to discover that someone had gone through the car and taken personal property, which many times leads to additional crimes being committed, such as illegal credit card usage.

Recently, during the overnight, Trumbull Police officers did apprehended three separate groups of individuals, some of which were using a stolen car when they drove to an area intending to break into vehicles. We are also working closely with other police departments to apprehend additional suspects.

Please help us by protecting yourself from becoming victimized. Always lock your vehicles and remove valuables. If you hear something or see something that is suspicious please call the Police Department and officers will respond to investigate.

Residents should also take precautions when leaving their home even for short periods of time. Residents have reported returning to their unlocked home only to find that someone has stolen property, even when they were away for a brief period.

An important part of prevention is deterring crime by making it difficult for a potential intruder to enter your home, business or vehicle. Automobiles that are less likely to be broken into are those that do not have valuables in plain sight and are locked. Securing your home and setting your alarm are also deterrents. A home or business that is marked with alarm placards, is well illuminated and where the shrubbery does not allow a hiding place is less likely to be targeted for burglary.

Don’t become a victim of a crime that you may be able to prevent by taking some simple steps.