Police — Burglary suspect may have hit more than 10 Trumbull homes

Trumbull police have arrested a Fairfield man who may be responsible for a series of burglaries in the Nichols section of town over the past several months.

Evan Corigliano, 35, was arrested on drug charges May 29 when police stopped the car he was driving near his girlfriend’s house on Old Dike Road. At that time both Corigliano and his girlfriend, Remi Cooper, 25, of Trumbull, were charged with drug possession when a police dog alerted officers to the presence of drugs in the car. Police later found a small amount of cocaine and heroin in the car. Cooper was also wanted by Redding police. The Redding Police Dept. has since charged Cooper with fourth-degree larceny.

During the search, police also found several distinctive pieces of jewelry that matched the descriptions of items that had been reported stolen in a recent burglary nearby on Old Dike Road. Police said Corigliano later implicated himself in the burglary. Subsequent investigation uncovered several other pieces of jewelry from other area burglaries.

After receiving a warrant, police arrested Corigliano on third-degree burglary, sixth-degree larceny, and criminal mischief charges June 26 in connection with another burglary that had occurred May 11 on West Lake Road. He was held on $30,000 bond for court July 31.

Trumbull detectives said they expect additional charges for Corigliano as the investigation continues. According to Lt. Keith Golding, Corigliano may be responsible for more than 10 burglaries in town.