Police: Beware of contractor scams

Trumbull police continue to receive complaints of residents being victimized by unlicensed or illegitimate contractors.

The Trumbull Police Department would like to remind residents to be mindful of the dangers and pitfalls of hiring home repair and Improvement contractors without checking their background first.

Every year many homeowners fall victim to shady contractors and scam artists hired to do improvement work on their homes. These so-called contractors convince homeowners to hire their services without checking on their background and licensing, thinking they are getting a good deal.

If a contractor is legitimate, they should have no problem supplying you with a state license for repairs or improvements, proof of insurance for work to be done and references from previous customers on work that was performed. By taking these few simple steps, homeowners can avoid becoming a victim of unscrupulous practices.

To assist in getting the information they need, homeowners can go to the Better Business Bureau website at bbb.org or the State Department of Consumer Protection at ct.gov/dcp.

Any resident who believes they may have been victimized by a contractor should contact their local police department.