Police: $7,000 of 'Pink' attire, 200 pairs of panties stolen from Victoria's Secret

A New Haven man is facing third-degree larceny charges after police said he stole nearly $7,000 worth of Pink brand sweatpants and shirts from Victoria’s Secret in the Westfield mall.
According to police, six people entered the store on Jan. 18. The suspects picked up Pink shopping bags, which they proceeded to fill with the clothing and then leave the store. Mall security recognized one of the suspects as Stephen Blackshear, 28. Police arrived and found him in the mall, where he was allegedly involved in another shoplifting incident. He turned himself in on a warrant for the Victoria’s Secret theft Feb. 23.
Blackshear was charged with third-degree larceny after police said the total value of the clothing he helped steal was $6,993. Bond was $10,000 for court March 4.

Risk of injury

Police arrested a Waterbury woman after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend in a Trumbull hotel Feb. 23.
Police received a call from a security guard at the Hawley Lane Mall reporting a man and woman arguing in the shopping center’s parking lot about 3:30 a.m.
Officers arrived to find a man and two women arguing. The man is in a relationship with one of the women, later identified as Shada Roseboro, 31. The other woman is the mother of the man’s daughter.
Police said Roseboro and the man were staying at the nearby Marriott hotel, along with the young girl. When the two argued the man called his daughter’s mother to come get her, which angered Roseboro and she allegedly struck him over the head with a shotglass, causing blood to stream from a cut.
The argument continued outside and into the Hawley Lane parking lot and continued after the girl’s mother arrived to pick her up. Roseboro was charged with second-degree breach of peace, second-degree assault, and risk of injury to a child. Court date was Feb. 25.

Panty raid

A 23-year-old Bridgeport woman has been arrested in connection with the alleged theft of 200 pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret Nov. 20.
Police said a loss-prevention officer at the store witnessed a woman, later identified as Alyssa Dipietro, grab the garments and leave after using a device to remove the security tags. The officer followed her and watched her get into a car. Police were able to get a partial plate number from witnesses, which led them to Dipietro. She was charged with possession of a shoplifting device and third-degree larceny. Bond was $10,000 for court Feb. 21.

Struck police car

A Trumbull man is facing a DUI charge after he allegedly sideswiped a parked police car Feb. 22 just before midnight.
According to police, an officer had pulled a vehicle over for a routine traffic stop when another vehicle, driven by Raul Laffitte, 69, of Trumbull, struck the police car a glancing blow, taking off the car’s mirror. The officer pulled Laffitte over and reported Laffitte smelled of alcohol and said he had not seen the police car, but admitted hearing a “pop” at some point. He allegedly failed field sobriety tests and later registered 0.118 on a breath test. The legal limit is 0.08.
Laffitte was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Bond was $1,000 for court March 4.