POLICE: Rumors of attempted child abductions are untrue

Trumbull police are investigating a suspicious person reported yesterday in the Nichols section of town. Contrary to rumors, police said, there was no attempted physical abduction, though officers remain on the lookout for the vehicle in question.

Deputy Chief Michael Harry said about 6 p.m. Tuesday a Nichols resident sent her nine-year-old son to retrieve the mail at the end of the driveway. The youth reported that a black male in a black Nissan drove up and asked if he wanted to get into the vehicle. The child ran back to the house and the vehicle disappeared.

Officers were unable to locate the suspicious vehicle, though the department has ordered increased patrols on secondary roads.

Harry said rumors have been circulating that there were multiple abduction attempts in town, and that the police were treating the case as a suspicious person and that residents, and especially parents, should remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity to the Trumbull Police at 203-261-3665.