Officers: McGovern has shamed us

Saying Police Commission Chairman Roger McGovern has “shamed the pride, professionalism and reputation of our department,” the Trumbull Police AFSCME Local 1745 union voted “no confidence” in him Thursday night.

The vote was prompted by McGovern’s confrontations with Bernardino Nieva, which allegedly included harassment and impersonating a police officer. Trumbull police investigated the incidents and sought an arrest warrant for McGovern, but the State’s Attorney’s Office declined to issue one.

Union President Sgt. Robert Coppola said McGovern should resign from the commission, an appointed board that oversees the Police Department. Specifically, Coppola cited McGovern’s alleged abuse of power in trying to collect $2,600 from Nieva following a minor traffic incident. McGovern is alleged to have shown Nieva his Police Commission badge and identified himself as a law enforcement officer while demanding payment.

“We believe that by abusing the power, Commissioner McGovern has undermined the spirit of cooperation, trust and integrity at the core of our mission,” Coppola wrote. “While we appreciate the Commissioner’s service to the public, our members believe that he must vacate his position as soon as possible for the betterment of the community we serve.”