Nexus house owners respond to crystal meth found on site

Nexus House is a group of sober living homes based in Easton and Bridgeport Connecticut. We provide a safe, drug-free structured environment for men who successfully complete an inpatient treatment program.

These men are ready to move to the next level of care, and are genuinely interested in continuing their path to sobriety.

Unfortunately for Cavan Devine, the power of his addiction was extremely overwhelming.

Nexus house is not an inpatient facility, so more of a level of freedom exists as men go further into sobriety. Nexus House has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use.

Residents are tested regularly and without prior notice.  We also search individual’s rooms and personal belongings whenever suspicions arise.  

The evening before these drugs were found, Nexus house immediately notified law enforcement when they had trouble removing this resident for non-compliance.

The next day as his belongings were being removed from the premises, the cache of drugs were discovered.  Once again, Easton police were notified immediately.

The epidemic of heroin and other drugs sweeping our country is devastating. Nexus House will continue to work with men who want sobriety and are doing whatever is required.  

Nexus house will also continue to work with law enforcement if these situations ever arise again, which fortunately is extremely rare.