Narcotics training: Community support helps put K9 officers through school

Trumbull police officer Greg Lee with K9 officer Storm.
Trumbull police officer Greg Lee with K9 officer Storm.

A perfect community is a place of complete balance — an equilibrium that’s forged when each of its parts support one another to create a foundation that’s unshakeable even in the face of uncertainty and disorder.

Generous Trumbull residents proved the power of that balance earlier this fall when they helped raise almost $14,000, in five shorts days, to help the town’s police department send its K9 officers to school in New Milford to be cross-trained in narcotics detection.

Superior K9 Services hosted police officers Greg Lee and R.J. Carlson, who are the handlers for the department’s K9 officers Storm and Cyrus, respectively.

The town’s recent rise in heroin and opioid abuse spurred the fast-paced collection in November, and the training will go a long way to combatting the drug addiction crisis that the community has witnessed over the last half decade.

With the people helping the police get the needed training, the police can return the favor by helping eliminate the substances in town.

In addition to the training, the Trumbull Police Department’s K9 teams — handlers and their respective dogs — are eligible to participate in this season’s $500 K9 equipment grant that will help with the detection and advanced tactical operations.