Mother berates bus driver, arrested in front of infant daughter

The Westfield Trumbull Mall is closing Saturday, Jan. 23.
The Westfield Trumbull Mall is closing Saturday, Jan. 23.

A Bridgeport woman was arrested for interfering with an officer and breach of peace in the second degree at the Westfield Trumbull Mall at 3:31 p.m. Saturday, May 14.

Police said Taja Lewis, 27, became irate when she was boarding a bus at the mall’s bus terminal with her 2-year-old daughter and began to scream at the vehicle’s driver before officers arrived at the scene.

According to a report, the bus driver moved the vehicle to make room for another bus that was coming into the terminal — a decision that instigated Lewis to become unruly and uncooperative.

With Trumbull police officers on the scene, Lewis was given several opportunities to calm down, the report said, but she refused and got even more agitated.

Police said Lewis was holding onto the child as they were trying to detain her, but finally decided to place the infant girl in a stroller.

As she was being carried off the bus to be arrested, Lewis began kicking and screaming and swinging her arms. The report said a Trumbull police officer had blood blisters on his hands from trying to put handcuffs on the irate suspect, who continued to berate the bus driver and the officers as the incident developed.

She was finally put in cuffs and transported to police headquarters with her daughter. Lewis’s father arrived at headquarters moments later, police said, to pick up his daughter and grandchild.

He told police that she had just been released from a 30-day program for mental illness and that she had been suffering from radical behavior changes recently.

She was released without bond and was scheduled to appear in court Monday, May 23.