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Trumbull Police Department, several area fire departments, Trumbull EMS and student volunteer actors played an important role in Trumbull High School's mock car crash Friday, May 20.

Police cars, fire engines and ambulances rushed to THS with lights flashing and sirens roaring,  to make the event — the first mock crash simulation on the school's ground in 13 years — as authentic as possible.

According to the event's organizers, the demonstration was something all teenagers needed to see before getting behind the wheel.

Trumbull High Principal Marc Guarino delivered a message to the senior class who stood watched the staged tragedy unfold. The theme of his speech was to make good decisions, especially young drivers and specifically during this time of year with graduation and prom coming up.

Hundreds of seniors gathered outside in front of the school to watch the reenactment of a car car crash, involving  young high-school students and the consequences of what can happen if you get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

There was plenty of buzz in the audience, with everyone in attendance learning the importance of driving within speed limits — alcohol and drug free.

At the conclusion of the reenactment all seniors adjured to the auditorium to continue the program.