Missing golf course equipment found in resident's garage

A more than $10,000 piece of golf course equipment, reported missing from Tashua Knolls last May, was found months later in a Trumbull resident’s garage.

The town golf course reported in May that the a range sweeper had been stolen. The equipment is worth $10,158.

A resident who frequents the golf course allegedly saw the missing sweeper in October, in a garage on Seeley Road. The resident reported it to police.

When police went to the home, the woman living there said her son found the range sweeper recently, but he was away at college. Upon his return home, Shane Losonci, 18, told police that he and a friend saw the range sweeper abandoned in the woods when they had been hitting golf balls at a field nearby. They left it there and returned later to see it was still there, so they towed it to the Seeley Road home, where Losonci said he repaired it and got it running again.

Police charged Losonci with second-degree larceny and he turned himself in on a warrant Jan. 16.

He was released on a promise to appear in court Jan. 30.