Missing girl alleges physical abuse from mom's boyfriend

A Trumbull man was arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of threatening and interfering with an emergency call at his home on Edison Road at 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Police said Robert Britto, 32, verbally and physically abused the children of his girlfriend, who also lives on Edison Road.

According to a report, the woman’s 16-year-old daughter was reported missing on Sept. 18 and was found living at her maternal grandmother’s home in Stratford.

She told Trumbull police that she didn’t want to go home because of her mother’s boyfriend, who she said doesn’t work and sits around the house all day drinking alcohol.

Police said the two counts of threatening and disorderly conduct stem from separate incidents on Aug. 1 and Sept. 18. During the second incident, the female victim told police that Britto smacked a cell phone out of her hand as she was trying to report him to the police — and that’s why she left the house to live with her grandmother.

The report added that the girl’s mother suffers from mental illness and that police have responded to calls from the home 10 times for domestic dispute-related calls.

The 36-year-old woman was argumentative and defensive of her boyfriend when Trumbull police served Britto a warrant for his arrest on Sept. 30.

Police added that there was no sexual abuse in the report, but that Britto had gotten into a physical argument with his girlfriend back in July and had physically abused at least one of her children for not washing the dishes.

The teenager is back living with her grandmother, police confirmed, and Britto’s $20,000 bond was posted. He was scheduled to appear in court Oct. 1.