A Twitchgrass Road mother was arrested for risk of injury to a minor and assault in the third degree on March 30 at Middlebrook Elementary School after her 6-year-old son reported to school officials that he had been hit with a belt.

Trumbull police said the 35-year-old woman admitted to striking her child and told police that she was trying to discipline him with the belt by hitting him on his rear-end; however, the minor moved around during the incident and was struck repeatedly in his chest.

According to a report, the child had welts, bruises and scabs on his chest and both of his arms — the largest of which was a larger circular welt on his chest.

The child told the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) that he was kept home from school the previous day because of the bruises on his arms.

The report added that the Middlebrook student was instructed not to say anything if anybody asked about the abrasions on his body.

Police said the mother was called down to the school after the child told schools officials and a DCF employee about the incident.

The woman was sobbing at the scene and told police that she was “under a lot of pressure” trying to raise three children on her own while working a full-time job and taking care of her sick mother, the report said.

A warrant was written for her arrest and she was taken to police headquarters, where she was held on a $10,000 bond.

Police said she appeared in court March 31.