Man violates protective order with love story email

A Bridgeport man was arrested after he harassed and threatened his ex-girlfriend with Eminem lyrics from the song "Stan."
A Bridgeport man was arrested after he harassed and threatened his ex-girlfriend with Eminem lyrics from the song "Stan."

A Huntington Turnpike man was served a warrant for his arrest for violation of a protective order at Bridgeport Superior Court around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 25.

Police said John Unkel, 47, sent an anonymous email containing a Valentine’s Day-themed love story that included personal information to his former girlfriend, who he assaulted at the couple’s Huntington Turnpike residence back on April 3.

According to a report, Unkel’s protective order restricts him from making any contact with the victim and that the main details in the love story email were enough to identify him as the person who sent the message.

The woman told Trumbull police that Unkel had tried to contact her through an anonymous email handle and an investigation resulted in a warrant for his arrest, which he was served while in lockup for a separate incident.

The court’s judge applied a $30,000 court-set bond to Unkel in addition to the current bond he was being held on.

During the April incident, Unkel punched his girlfriend in the jaw, threw her onto the kitchen floor by her hair, and kicked her twice in the ribs in what police called “a violent domestic dispute.”

In addition to assault charges, he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

An earlier report said that the female victim returned home after spending the day at her brother’s home and was confronted by Unkel.

Police said Unkel called her a variety of unpleasant names and said he was moving out.

A physical altercation followed that resulted in the victim being pushed into a wall in the couple’s bedroom as well as being thrown over their bed.

She was thrown to the ground repeatedly, the report said, before Unkel left the house.

Police received a call from the victim, who said she was barricaded in the bedroom with her 10-year-old son. She told a dispatcher that she didn’t know if Unkel had left the residence but that she had locked him out.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that pots, pans and flowers had been knocked down and tossed onto the floor.

They found a dented wall where the victim had been pushed, the report added.