Lightning strikes Round Ridge Trail homes and car

Shortly after midnight this morning, the Nichols Fire Department received a call for a lightning strike and smell of smoke in a house on Round Ridge Trail in Trumbull. This was quickly followed up with several more reports of lightning strikes on Round Ridge Trail and Hillandale Terrace.

In total two homes and an outdoor shed suffered structural damage from the lightning strikes, three additional homes had damage to electrical equipment, and a car that was struck was rendered inoperable.

Nichols Fire responded to the scene, along with mutual aid from Trumbull Center. The incidents were all declared under control by 1:44 a.m. and the last units and the Fire Marshal’s Office cleared the scene by 1:57 a.m. No occupants or firefighters were injured.

The Nichols Fire Department would like to remind all residents to never hesitate to dial 911 if they smell smoke or feel their residence has been struck by lightning. Additionally homeowners should never attempt to reset a circuit breaker after a lightning strike or electrical problem. Call the fire department for an investigation. Finally all residents should make sure they have working smoke and CO detectors in their homes.