Home health aide allegedly stole from multiple clients

Kris Marsan of 33 Campfield Drive, Fairfield was arrested on June 15, for larceny in the third degree after Fairfield police say she stole more than $5,000 while working as a home health aide for the elderly. The incident happened between Sept. 10-15 of last year (2014). Her court date is June 30.

Several pieces of jewelry were taken from the dresser drawers of the victim, who hired Marsan to care for her mother at their home at 215 Warde Terrace in Fairfield. Marsan is no stranger to police as she has been suspected of numerous other thefts involving senior citizens throughout Fairfield County, who have been victims to Marsan’s predatory thefts.

A similar theft took place with another victim in January 2015, according to Fairfield Police. The son of the victim contacted the Fairfield Police Department to report the theft of cash and jewelry from his 87-year-old mother, Eleanor Beliveau’s residence, 41 Morehouse Drive. Beliveau had the suspect, Kris Marsan, a home health aide hired to assist with his mother’s care, on video stealing cash from her bedroom dresser drawer.

Beliveau emailed a copy of the footage for the Fairfield Police Department’s review. Beliveau did not inform Marsan about
the recording. The home health aide who was not registered with the state, stole money and jewelry totaling more than $6,500.

Marsan also is suspected of a theft in Monroe where she was employed to care for an elderly woman. In that case according to Monroe Police detectives said she house sat for and elderly woman while she was recovering at Lord Chamberlain in Stratford. After the victim returned home she noticed that all of her jewelry was gone.

Norwalk Police has also reported that Marsan was employed by an elderly woman in which Marsan is alleged to have stolen more than $60,000 in jewelry from the home. That victim¹s daughter then called Fairfield Police to report that she had referred Marsan to another family in Westport in which Marsan allegedly stole a checkbook and wrote herself fraudulent checks totaling

The Norwalk and Westport case remains under investigation.

This arrested predator poses a real threat to elderly citizens everywhere and the public should be aware, police said.