Fugitive carnival worker arrested in Trumbull, held on $1 million bond

A 58-year-old carnival worker is being held on $1 million bond after police arrested him on sexual assault charges at the Trumbull Fall Festival location September 7.

According to reports, Trumbull officers were contacted by New York State police, informing them that a carnival worker believed to be in town was wanted on two counts of sexual assault. New York officers described the suspect and said he was an employee at the amusement ride company that was contracted to provide carnival rides and games at the festival.

Officers went to Trumbull High School, where the event was held, shortly before noon on Thursday, the day before the festival opened, and arrested Roy Hillyard, 58, of Henrietta, New York.

Trumbull police charged Hillyard with being a fugitive from justice. He is currently awaiting extradition on the sexual assault charges.