False report of bomb on bus closes Booth Hill Road, charges possible for Trumbull teen

A Trumbull teen may face charges after a false report of a possible bomb on a school bus resulted in Booth Hill Road being closed and forced the evacuation of several Trumbull High students.

According to police, the source of the report was a comment made by a 15-year-old student several days ago. Police are investigating to determine whether to charge the teen.

The false report originated about 3 p.m. when a parent received a text message from a student, who said they did not feel safe on the bus. The parent contacted the bus company, which in turn contacted Trumbull police.

Police stopped the bus on Booth Hill Road near Wisteria Drive. The area was cordoned off and the students taken off the bus. Bomb-sniffing dogs from the MTA Police Dept. searched the bus, and after not finding any explosives, deemed the bus safe. All of the students were transferred to another bus and taken home. The road was closed about an hour.