Fake IRS phone scam targets residents

Trumbull Police are warning of a recent telephone scam after at least two residents reported receiving calls from the IRS demanding immediate payment.

The initial calls were made by an automated machine instructing the residents to call back immediately because they were in trouble for tax evasion and could be arrested.

Upon returning the call, a fictitious agent told one of the residents that they were randomly selected for audit and that they owed back taxes. The fake agent then provided the resident’s name and address as verification on the claim.

The agent then put their “supervisor” on the phone who instructed the resident to keep the matter private and that contacting anyone would violate a fictitious Privacy Act. The resident was told that they could avoid arrest if they followed the necessary steps to make payment and were instructed to purchase Apple Gift Cards from the nearest Apple Store. They were even given the address of the nearest store.

The agent, who convinced the resident by using an abrasive and threatening manner, managed to keep the resident on the phone the entire time as the resident went to the store and made the purchase. The victim then gave the fake agent the gift card number and security code over the phone.

The Trumbull Police would like to remind all residents that the IRS does not contact citizens by phone to rectify tax problems and they should never send money or gift cards to anyone that they do not know. Residents should contact the Police Department whenever they receive any suspicious calls.