Thanks to four eyewitnesses and surveillance footage, Fairfield police were able to arrest a Trumbull man on July 8 for falsely reporting an incident in the second degree and misuse of the 911 system.

Fairfield Police Lt. James Perez told The Times last week that Jaiden Cirillo, 49, of Alden Avenue, called police back on May 31 and reported that he was struck by a vehicle that was backing out of the Stop & Shop parking lot.

However, what Cirillo wasn’t expecting was that several onlookers outside of the Villa Avenue grocery store would also call police and testify that the man jumped onto the car intentionally, Lt. Perez said.

“He claimed to have rib and shoulder injuries from being struck, or so he claimed,” Lt. Perez added. “But witnesses one, two and three were all in front of the store and they said that they saw a man jump toward the vehicle after it had slammed on its breaks. All three were consistent: he threw himself on the driver’s trunk.”

A fourth witness was sitting inside of his car directly across from the vehicle that was pulling out.

According to Lt. Perez, that witness told police that he heard the car honk and he looked up to see it make a hard break. He then saw Cirillo fall down and begin to act as if he were struck by a vehicle “grabbing his ribs even though no contact had been made.”

Fairfield police was able to get surveillance video from Stop & Shop and confirmed that the collision that Cirillo reported didn’t occur.

“The entire incident was captured on tape and when the car backed up there was no contact made between the vehicle and the pedestrian,” Lt. Perez said.

A warrant was written for Cirillo and he turned himself at Fairfield police headquarters on July 8.

He posted a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Thursday, July 22.