Editorial: No more heroin

No more

No more.

No more heroin.

No more trying heroin for the first time.

No more chasing that high.

No more believing you can achieve it again, because you can’t.

No more turning a blind eye to what is right in front of us.

No more fearing for our children’s futures.

No more thinking middle school is “too young” to think about it.

No more parents ignoring the signs.

No more “it’s not my kid.”

No more hiding the problem.

No more thinking the addiction is under control.

No more justifying it’s “only snorting.”

No more friends selling friends this deathly poison.

No more hiding the problem.

No more tears when it is too late.

No more ignorance.

No more protecting the image.

No more friendship that’s defined by misguided loyalty.

No more Trumbull young people dying.

No more wishing we’d seen the signs in time.

No more ignoring deals being made on town and school property.

No more obituaries about the untimely death of a young adult.

No more denial.

No more heroin.

No more.
— Written by Susan Schultz, Darien Times Editor