Easton and Trumbull assist Monroe in car vs. motorcycle crash

Trumbull Emergency Medical Service provided mutual aid to Monroe first responders following a serious crash involving a motorcycle and car and five victims on Route 25 at the Bart Road intersection in Monroe.

Monroe first responders were first on the scene, followed by Trumbull. Easton emergency medical technicians heard the call July 16 at 7:27 p.m. as they were returning from the hospital on a previous call and let CMED know they were available to respond, according to Peter Fiore, Easton EMT.

EMS to hospital communications in Connecticut take place on what is known as the CMED channels.

The Stepney Fire Department and Monroe Emergency Medical Service responded to the scene, and an ambulance from Monroe took one of two high-priority patents to the hospital. A medical unit from Trumbull took the other high-priority patient to the hospital. The two had been riding on the motorcycle.

The Easton EMS treated three non-critical patients who had been passengers in the car and took two or three of them to the hospital, Fiore said. One might have refused to be taken to the hospital, he said. Fiore categorized the three victims as “walking wounded.”

Fiore said it was “very typical for surrounding communities to be asked to assist nearby departments” to prevent any of them from being overburdened during a crisis.