Drunk driver hits car, leaves four kids unattended

A Bridgeport woman was arrested for driving under the influence, failure to drive right and failure to maintain proper insurance on Bonnie View Drive at 11:45 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 18.

Police said Meitta Young, 36, crossed over the road and hit an unoccupied, parked car.

According to a report, Young was argumentative and confused at the scene of the accident and told police she didn’t remember what happened. She refused to give her license to the responding officer and stated that she believed she was in Bridgeport.

An investigation found that a partially empty vodka bottle was in the car. Young was asked to step out of the vehicle and she had trouble standing immediately, the report said.

She failed the field sobriety test and then refused a breathalyzer test at police headquarters.

Police said that in her cell Young began screaming and acting mentally unstable. An ambulance was called and she was released with a promise to appear in court.

Trumbull police received a call from a nurse at the hospital hours later who said that Young was screaming about being released from the hospital’s custody to check on her four kids.

The Bridgeport Police Department was notified of the unattended children and went to Young’s residence to find two eight-month old twin babies, a one-year old child and a five-year-old child left unattended.

According to the report, Bridgeport police have taken over the investigation into the well being of Young’s children.

She’s scheduled to appear in court on Monday, Oct. 26.