Cops save deer with watering can on its head

Animal Control Officer Lynn Dellabianca and Trumbull Police Sgt. Doug Smith helped rescue a small doe in the woods near Strobel Road Tuesday morning.

According to a press release, the police responded to a call from a resident who spotted a deer wandering around the woods with what appeared to be a bag on its head.

The small doe was located in the woods just off the road with its head wedged into a metal watering can.

Officer Dellabianca was able to slip a leash around the deer’s neck and secure it to a tree so it wouldn’t run off when they attempted to pull the can off its head.

“When ACO Dellabianca attempted to pull the can off the deer’s head it began to thrash about but eventually became tired and lied down,” the press release said. “Sgt. Smith was able to then approach the deer and remove the can which was wedged on so tight it made a popping noise when it was removed.”

The deer was untied from the tree and ran off apparently unharmed.