Car break-ins reported along Edison Road

Trumbull police are investigating several thefts from vehicles that have occurred while they were parked in residential driveways.

Over a dozen residents living in the neighborhoods off Edison Road found their vehicles had been broken into and items stolen during the overnight hours Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. This recent crime spree has been a recurring pattern that is affecting the entire area.

Police believe the suspects, usually, teenagers in a stolen vehicle, travel in small groups into secluded neighborhoods during the late night and early morning hours. They stop and exit the vehicle, then prowl around a neighborhood checking for unlocked vehicles, searching for items to steal. When they come across a vehicle with a key left inside, they will often abandon the vehicle they came in and take the newly found one.

The Trumbull Police would like to remind all residents to always lock their vehicles, remove all packages and valuables and, never leave their keys inside.

Please report any suspicious activity as soon as possible to the Trumbull Police Department directly at 203-261-3665, 911 or via the anonymous and confidential tip line on our website: