A Twitchgrass Road man was arrested for assault in the third degree, assaulting an elderly or disabled person, strangulation in the third degree, interference with an emergency call, and disorderly conduct at his home at 3:05 p.m. Monday, Dec. 28.

Police said Joseph Kallay, 57, was intoxicated and out of control when they arrived on the scene for a domestic disturbance call about an intoxicated man.

According to a report, Kallay was observed pressing his knee into the chest of his 53-year-old sister and hitting her with a closet rod in a bedroom inside the home.

Police said Kallay was on top of his sister when they entered the room and removed himself from that position only after being threatened by a Taser.

The report said Kallay and his sister both live at home with their 80-year-old mother and that the altercation stemmed from an argument about household responsibilities.

The mother told police that she had picked up her son from the train station and he was already drunk.

Back at home, Kallay continued to drink and became more belligerent, the report said.

Police said the sister initially grabbed the closet rod to defend herself from her drunk brother, but he took it out of her hands and beat her with it before getting her into the bedroom and forcing himself on top of her.

According to the report, the mother tried to intervene in the middle of the conflict and Kallay pushed her into a closet, breaking a door.

Kallay was taken to department headquarters, where he failed to post a $10,000 bond. He was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, Dec. 29.