Bridgeport man caught with gun after fleeing car crash

A 22-year-old Bridgeport man was arrested late Friday night after crashing his vehicle on Old Town Road and fleeing on foot into Bridgeport. Latrell Eppes, 22, of Sylvan Avenue, was located by officers on Lakeside Drive and attempted to escape. Eppes indicated that he had a gun and threatened to shoot the officers, but was wrestled to the ground when he started to charge at them. The .40 caliber handgun was later recovered in a nearby garbage can by a resident on Lakeside Drive.

Eppes had been operating a 2016 Hyundai Accent on Old Town Road and collided with two parked cars near the intersection of Frenchtown Road. Witnesses reported that two other occupants had fled from the vehicle with Eppes, but they were not located.

The handgun that was recovered, a .40 caliber Bersa Thunder, was found to have the serial number filed off, and was loaded with a high capacity magazine.

Eppes was charged with criminal possession of a firearm and a high capacity magazine, carrying a weapon without a permit and while under the influence, altering the identification number on a gun, threatening and interfering with an officer.

Additional motor vehicle charges included reckless operation and evading responsibility, for leaving the scene of the vehicle crash.

He was held on a total $105,000 bond, with a court date of May 22.