For the third time in the last four months, Bridgeport resident Geraldo Maldonado has been arrested.

Trumbull police said in a press release Monday, May 16, that the 20-year-old Forest View Road resident was arrested on four separate arrest warrants consisting of four counts of burglary in the third degree, three counts of criminal mischief in the third degree, one count of larceny in the sixth degree, one count of larceny in the third degree and possession of burglary tools at Trumbull police headquarters Friday, May 13.

His court bond was set at $200,000.

According to a report, Maldonado was taken into custody at his girlfriend’s Bridgeport residence by Trumbull detectives who were assisted by officers from the Bridgeport Police Department.

Police had several open burglary investigations in the area of Maldonado’s Forest View Road residence, the report said, and a search warrant for the residence was obtained.

Through that initial warrant, Trumbull and Bridgeport police were able to recover jewelry identified by his previous victims that was taken from their homes.

This successful search triggered another search warrant that permitted police to look into Maldonado’s cell phone and retrieve his DNA, the report said.

The DNA tested matched some that was recovered from one of the burglary scene, and, as a result of information gathered during the course of the investigation, detectives were able

to connect maldonado to four more burglaries in Trumbull and Bridgeport, including two at the same residence in Trumbull.

The release highlighted the suspect’s previous offenses, including a Feb. 2 police manhunt that resulted in a temporary lockdown of several Trumbull schools.

The pursuit began when the 20-year-old burglar was seen entering a home on Sunnycrest Road.

Police arrived at the scene and said that Maldonado was carrying a handgun when he ran away on foot. It wasn’t until Maldonado was confronted by officers that he dropped the weapon, which later turned out to be a BB gun.

The pursuit continued when the suspect fled south across the Merritt Parkway. He was eventually taken into custody a short distance from his home.

From that incident, he was charged with interfering with an office, burglary in the first degree, and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Maldonado, who was 19years old at the time of the incident, was freed on a $50,000 bond following his arrest by Trumbull police and was scheduled to appear in court  May 3, on those charges.

However, before he appeared in court, he was arrested again in connection to a fatal accident that happened in Bridgeport Monday, April 18, according to Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez.

Police said Maldonado was being pursued in a high-speed car chase when his vehicle crashed into a SUV driven by 22-year-old Seymour resident David Anderson.

Police said the impact from the collision flipped Anderson’s vehicle, and he was thrown from it onto the pavement.

A report said Anderson suffered severe injuries to the head and died at Bridgeport Hospital.

The crash took place at the intersection of Barnum Avenue and Pembroke Street, according to the report.

Charges from that accident are still pending.