Arrest log: Armed robbery connection, counterfeit bills, video game theft

Arrest in connection to January robbery

A woman police say is connected to a January armed robbery at Radio Shack was arrested Sept. 22.

Police charged April Ford, 45, of Bridgeport with conspiracy to commit larceny in the first degree and conspiracy to commit robbery in the first degree.

Deputy Chief Michael Harry said Trumbull detective Rocco Testi was able to make a connection between Ford and the robbery, after Ford allegedly sold one of the phones stolen during the crime.

Police reported at the time that three suspects robbed the Trumbull store. Two entered the store while one waited outside. One of the men told the manager that he had a gun. The two then took an unspecified amount of cash from the store and also a large number of cellular phones from the back room.

The suspects are believed to have robbed several other stores in a total of eight nearby towns. Two men and a woman were previously arrested in connection to the string of robberies.

Ford’s bond was set at $100,000 and she was given a court date of Oct. 1.

Counterfeit bills

Three men are charged with allegedly using counterfeit $100 bills to make purchases at Target and Best Buy.

Tyrell Walton, 32, and Charles Kelly, 32, both of Hamden were arrested Sept. 29 along with Adam Robinson of New Haven.

Police said they found several counterfeit bills and about $277 worth of items purchased at Target, using the bills. They three men had allegedly attempted to then buy items from Best Buy.

Both Walton and Kelly were charged with fifth-degree larceny and first-degree forgery. Robinson was charged with fifth-degree larceny, 19 counts of forgery and possession of a shoplifting device.

Video game thefts

A man and woman were arrested for allegedly using a magnetic device to steal video games at Target on Hawley Lane.

Police said Kelyvin Perez, 24, of Stamford and a male suspect were using a magnetized device to conceal theft of video games and a Playstation 3 console. The two were allegedly stuffing the games and console into a bedding set they had put in a carriage. Police said they tried to take 15 games and the console, totaling about $1,250.

Perez was charged with fourth-degree larceny. The arrest information on the male suspect wasn’t immediately available.