Tisdale named to civil rights committee

Trumbull resident Preston C. Tisdale has been named to the executive committee of the Public Justice Foundation, a national non-profit that is involved in civil rights cases, anti-bullying campaigns, consumer rights, gender and sexual rights, among other public-interest issues.

“I’m honored to help serve those harmed by wrongdoers in America,” said Tisdale. “Whether wronged by deceptive pharmaceutical companies, irresponsible manufacturers, unjust employers, or punitive credit card companies to unfair school athletic programs, inhumane government detention centers, or reckless polluters, ordinary people deserve unfettered access to the court system and the hope of obtaining justice.”

Tisdale is a graduate of Brown University and the NYU law school. He has served as a member of the Connecticut Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity since its inception and previously served on the Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice’s Criminal Justice Committee and the Connecticut Hate Crimes Advisory Committee. Tisdale has received the Distinguished Service Award from the NAACP; the Award of Excellence and the Community Service Award, both from Action for Bridgeport Community Development; and the Outstanding Community Service Award from Save Our Babies.

Tisdale is an attorney with Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder.