George Krikorian celebrates 103rd birthday

On Sunday May 25, parishioners at Armenian Church of the Holy Ascension celebrated the 103rd birthday of their “Uncle George,” George Krikorian.

Father Untzag Nalbandian, the Parish Priest of Krikorian for the past 30 years blessed him, said a prayer for his health and safety, and wished him many more years. Father Untzag said, “God has blessed our community with George Krikorian, who truly became the ‘Uncle’ of all.” Also pictured are Krikorian’s niece, Dorothy Noreiks and her husband, Richard.

Krikorian was born in Bridgeport May 18, 1911. Deacon Tom Dabakian (right) presented the birthday cake as parishioners, led by Dottie Bengoian, sang “’A’ You’re Adorable ... ”, a familiar song of Krikorian’s made popular by Perry Como in 1949.

Back in 1911, William Howard Taft was president and there were only 46 states in the Union. On June 14, 1931, when Krikorian was 20 years old, he attended the consecration of Holy Ascension, then located on Barnum Avenue in Bridgeport, and has attended continually ever since.