American University honors Kevin Sutherland with special letterhead, photo gallery

The support for the late Kevin Sutherland, the 24-year-old Trumbull resident who was killed in Washington D.C. on July 4, continues to pour in as his family braces for his murderer's trial set to begin early next year.

According to Kevin’s father Doug Sutherland, American University has printed new letterhead which honors the former student government secretary who served two terms under two different administrations.

The school had previously dedicated its Student Government’s Executive Office, which houses the student body president, vice president, secretary, and comptroller, as the Kevin J. Sutherland Executive Office during a special plaque ceremony on Aug. 30.

“It's one of the nicest tributes AU has made to my son,” Doug told The Times last week. “Kevin's name will be on their correspondence forever into the future — keeping our son's legacy alive.”

In addition to the letterhead, the plaque ceremony, and a memorial service for their son at Kay Spiritual Life Center on the AU campus, the Sutherlands announced that the School of Public Affairs at American University will begin putting up photos that were taken by Kevin that will be sold off with the proceeds going to the Kevin Joseph Sutherland Memorial Fund.

There will also be additional photos taken by Kevin that will be hung in the student government's office.

“He served as secretary, which put him in a position to lead the communication and public relations functions of the executive branch of student government, and he was therefore the natural and most interested prospect to serve on two important advisory committees, one for the board of trustees and one for the university community, that influence and advise the university’s marketing and communication functions,” said Terry Flannery, the vice president of communication at AU, at Kevin’s memorial service in August.

The vice president noted that Kevin’s service came at a particularly important time in the life of the university.

“From 2011 to 2013, he provided valuable counsel as we implemented the university’s first strategic marketing plan and branding campaign,” Flannery said. “Our strategy was bold and our campaign gained a lot of attention in the early going, and as is often the case when something is new and bold, it was not immediately embraced by the entire internal community.

“Kevin was not a member of these advisory groups when we devised our strategy and introduced the campaign,” she added. “He arrived in his role when it was still too early to see any significant results except for whether our efforts were registering, and what the initial reactions were. The heat was on, and he took his advisory roles very seriously.”

Memorial contributions may be made to the Kevin Joseph Sutherland Memorial Fund and the Kevin Sutherland Internship Fund at For questions, contact Lee Holsopple, the assistant vice president of university programs, at