Trumbull boys sweep awards at robotics competition

Four middle school boys from Trumbull Public Schools took part in the regional FLL Robotics competition Nov. 21-22 and as a team mc² Robotics swept four awards. The golden ticket to the state tournament, first place for their project, second place for robot performance, third place for overall performance and the best mentor award for the coach. In all, 24 teams participated.

Their award winning project was very apt and got a lot of attention from the judges.

How do we bring a big impact on the community by making just a small change. ‘Eliminating Styrofoam plates from school lunches’. Having visited the Trumbull transfer station and talking to their school principal, they are very optimistic of their research. Styrofoam is one of the worst materials to dispose, it releases harmful chemicals when incinerated. It also releases carcinogens when in contact with hot foods, consequently being harmful for the kids buying lunch.

So these boys have taken up an initiative to create awareness among our community about the harmful effects of Styrofoam lunch plates. Their recommendation is to use sugarcane plates instead. They received a cash award for this innovative idea, which they would like to contribute as an initial deposit towards a fundraiser that will help them achieve their goal of ‘Eliminating Styrofoam plates from school lunches’, and also bring awareness of the harmful effects of Styrofoam.

These boys have put in a lot of effort for this competition and project, working late hours and weekends. Let’s support these wonderful kids in their effort.

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