Trumbull High choir students ring in during annual Phone-a-thon

Trumbull High School choir students will be ringing in to ask residents for support this October during their annual fall Phone-a-thon. The students are raising money to support expanded choir activities. Students will be on the line midweek during the second, third and fourth weeks of October, starting Tuesday, Oct. 7. All contributions are tax deductible and 100% of the money benefits the choirs. Small amounts are as welcome as large.

Your contributions bolster an exceptional choir program. Donations help fund performance opportunities such as state music festivals and competitions as well as vocal workshops, a scholarship fund and the purchase and upkeep of concert attire for hundreds of students. Every other year the choir takes a national or international trip in the spring, where students both perform and tour. Last year, they visited London. Donations help to offset the costs of these trips, making them more affordable for all students. The Concert Choir was asked to perform with the Bridgeport Symphony in 2014, performed at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center in 2013 and has made several appearances at Carnegie Hall over the years. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for young students.

Choir Director Anne Tornillo instructs more than 300 students in five ensembles: The Freshman Choir, the Concert Choir, the Chamber Singers, the Women’s Ensemble and the Men’s Ensemble. The Trumbull Choirs hold annual winter and spring concerts that are open to the public.

For more information about the choirs, visit our student-created website, Friends of the Trumbull High School Choirs, Inc. at