Students compete in math contest

On April 4, 66 students from Daniels Farm School, led by math specialist Geri Proscino, competed in Noetic Learning Math Contest, an elementary math problem solving contest held twice a year.

The following students are the winners of their teams:

Grade 3: John Bevilacqua and Neya Kidambi

Grade 4: Alex Coley

Grade 5: Cyrus Asgari

The following students won the National Honor Roll title. This title is award to the top 10% of participating students in the country.

Grade 3: John Bevilacqua, Neya Kidambi, Pranav Kodakara

Grade 4: Alex Coley, Anna Farruggio

Grade 5: Cyrus Asgari

The following students received National Honorable Mention.

Grade 3: Pranathi Ayyadevara, Chandini Kalindini, Charles Langworth, Taylor D’Andrea, Tanvi Dongaonkar, Caitlin Hogan, Alexander Conaway, Macarthy Keane, Jake Yacovacci

Grade 4: Jack Allen, Jasper Trinh, Michael Welch, Tim Brown, Cameron Holmes, Catherine Wineski, Lance Walsh, Ella Miller, Kitty St. John

Grade 5: Evani Dalal, Nicolas Pinzon, Dillon Yu, George Bomann, Ryan Ferris, Olivia Becker, Mary Butler, Erin Lindsey, Kyle Atherton, Lukas Chamberlain, Natalie Feidt, Adrien Joseph, Joseph Vano, Helen Vasquez Ramos, Alison Vo

The purpose of participating in the contest is to stimulate students’ interest in math and to inspire them to excel in math.