Student charged with making 'Newtown' threat

An 18-year-old Trumbull student is under arrest after allegedly making a threat to return to the school and inflict a Newtown-like tragedy, according to Trumbull police.

Deputy Chief Michael Harry said James Patrick Ryan of South Ave., Stratford, a student at the Cooperative Educational Services on Oakview Drive, had been told he was not allowed to return Friday morning. Ryan's mother arrived to pick him up.

"As he was leaving, he made a threat to return to the school in a manner similar to the tragedy in Newtown," Harry said.

Trumbull police immediately were stationed outside the school's two locations and detectives prepared a search warrant for Ryan and for any weapons. The warrant was executed and Ryan arrested without incident.

Bond for Ryan was $25,000 for court Jan. 28. He is charged with second-degree threatening and second-degree breach of peace.