St. Theresa students bring history to life

On May 13, students from St. Theresa School were greeted with a surprise. Behind museum ropes, historical figures were arranged around the gymnasium, frozen in position. When dimes and nickles were dropped in each coin bank, the figures came to life, sharing their own stories from ancient times.

Characters ranged from Queen Nefertiti (Georgia Mezzanotti), to explorer Leif Erikson (Daniel Lynch). Younger students enjoyed conversations with Moses (Kevin Heinrich), Gandhi (Jack Kelly), Cleopatra (Angie Barahona) and Veronica (Irene DeFelice). Bringing history to life helped the students connect with these characters, so different from the pages of a textbook or an internet search.

This interdisciplinary project, coordinated by the 6th grade Social Studies and English teachers, Dawn Drew and Kerry Stratton, had students combining historical research with speech writing and acting, and artistic endeavors in set, prop, and costume design.

Since one good turn deserves another, all of the coins dropped in the cans will go to the needy children of Grace Community Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. St. Theresa School is connected to this school through Stratton who spent time with the Kenyan children and teachers in February and brought school supplies and bandages from the students at St. Theresa School.