St. Theresa School congratulates Spelling Bee champs

St. Theresa School is proud of the students who competed at the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee. Sixth grader Katherine Pikulik, won the Bee for the second year in a row. This is her third year competing at the regional level. When asked how she prepares for the competition, Katherine prefers to use the tried and true method of hitting the lists and going over the words to make sure she is well prepared. Mrs. Janet Pikulik shared, “It was tense, because the last three seemed quite confident in their spellings.” Katherine will advance to the state level to be held in April at the Knights of Columbus Museum in Hartford.

Fifth grader Jack Donofrio finished second for the fifth grade bee. Jack’s advice to future competitors, “Study a lot. It was obvious which kids didn’t study.”

Anthony Cardoso finished fourth in the fourth grade bee. “I have to say the 4th grade bee was highly competitive. Four spellers lasted through to the end of the list that was provided. The host had to use a backup list that the students hadn’t seen,” Mrs. Pikulik added. Congratulations to all of our students on a great job.