Schedule dates and coordinators for Trumbull school photos

Schools dates and coordinators for student photos are as follows:

Booth Hill, Friday, Sept. 12, Karin Rosa, Daniels Farm, Friday, Sept. 19, Stefanie Edwards and Lauren Zeni, Frenchtown, Thursday, Oct. 9, Jen Moffat and Beth Acamone, Hillcrest Middle, Monday, Sept. 8, Lynn Cenatiempo, Jane Ryan, Tuesday, Sept. 23, Jayne MacIntyre, Madison Middle, Friday, Sept. 12, Amy Arnone, Middlebook, Tuesday, Sept. 16, Mary Pearson, Tasuha, Friday, Sept. 5, Tracey Johnson, Trumbull Pre-School, Wednesday, Oct. 15 and Thursday, Oct. 16, Matthew Wheller.

A choice of backgrounds and packages will be available and a family plan is being offered. Prices include a donation to the Trumbuyll PTA Council Programs.